Esplanade Octoburst 2018

Role: Host


Description from Esplanade:

“We’re bursting with excitement. It’s time for Octoburst!, our annual children’s festival once again! Participate, play and get those imaginative minds fired up at the 16th edition of this three-day celebration of children, bursting with performances, activities, workshops and more. This year, through the magic of theatre, dance and music, we share with our little ones the importance of being inclusive and the values of friendship and family. Designed and curated specially for the young (and the young at heart), Octoburst! is where one feels the joy of self-expression, explores all corners of the imagination, and sees the wonderful world that we live in through different perspectives. In conjunction with and in celebration of the Children’s day weekend, we present the inaugural Children’s Parade! It’s where your little ones get to march, skip or hop down the Esplanade Waterfront together with their peers, in a display of puppetry and music. It’s a children’s weekend that’s about learning and looking at how the world works, through fun, play and the arts! So, come on down to experience the joy and make some memories at your favourite giant durian this October!”


Cheryl Kjm was the host for the annual Children’s Festival where she roamed around the festival venue interacting with the show actors and characters, as well as engaging with the parents and children guests. The cheerful and bubbly host reported on the event for social media updates for Esplanade on all 3 days.

Highlights from the event:

Octoburst! 2018 Day 1

Octoburst! 2018 Day 2

Octoburst! 2018 Day 3